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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stuck Inside

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you'll soon figure out that I DO NOT like winter. At all. Ever. Period. My least liked season. I hate being cold. And it makes it all that much worse that we live in Ohio. Where the deep freeze has apparently set in for the rest of winter. If you're not aware of the current deep freeze… 1) you must live in a warmer climate & therefore I'm jealous of you & I probably don't currently like you; 2) don't you turn on the tv? read a newspaper? talk to people? 

So, it's about -20, or -50 degrees or something like that with the wind chill. Which means, even if I did want to send the kids outside (which I don't in the winter - cause I'd have to go out with them & I don't do that), I can't because it's seriously dangerous to be outside. A friend of mine sent her dog outside yesterday, only to have it come back with drool frozen solid on its face. Seriously. It's friggin' cold. 

What to do with the kids? I'm all for pj days, which I try to practice at least once a week. Ahh.. being lazy the entire day, hanging out in pj's, watching movies, napping… my dream come true in the winter. 

Last weekend though, the kids asked to do a craft. Sure. Okay. I can do that. I'm a fun mom, right? Well, sometimes I am. So even though I had 2  quizzes I really needed to study for, 3 research papers hanging over my head, a case studies I'll need to present to my class that I haven't started, a pamphlet I need to create about an awful disease…. (overwhelmed yet? cause I am!)  Anyway, I decided to let the kiddos finger-paint. Can I say how much I love Crayola Color Wonder? No mess. None. Give the kids some fun gel paint & special paper. And the only thing needed for clean-up is a quick hand washing! Right up my alley!! LOVE!!!! 

And the kids had fun for almost an hour. Without bugging me or arguing!! Love it when that happens!! And aren't they getting so big?? Where are my babies?? 

Have a happy deep freeze!! I won't.

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