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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow Day, Take 2!

Milo LOVES snow
A lot

He was super excited to go back out & play in the snow again today!
Being the hater of snow that I am (unless I can view it from inside my snuggly-warm house, and it disappears as soon as I need to drive somewhere)...
I neglected to buy the kids snow boots.
As much as their regular shoes cost, and as quickly as they go through them, I just can't stomach shelling out more money for something they'll really only wear a couple/few times a year. 
Bad mommy.
So, even though I bundled each kid in layers of clothing to keep them warm...
the snow got in under their jeans.
Oh well.
It's good for them, right??

I went to a flea market the other day & found a gorgeous chair that I had to have!
It needed a new seat, so I combed through Pinterest & found a tutorial I thought I could handle.
And voila!!
I have a new photography prop AND a new chair!!
Before anyone gets upset with me,
Xandra only had her jacket off for about 2 minutes while I shot these pictures.
And I threw it right back on her as soon as we were done! 

In the process of making a snow angel...
Snow Angel!!
A constant sight at our house...
Milo loves following Xandra around & doing whatever she is doing.
Ahhhh, siblings!
Can you tell which one loves the snow & which one doesn't??!!

Ni Hao Yall

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  1. So sweet! Cara was "whitewashing" herself out in the snow this afternoon with her cousins!


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