True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lovin' Life {Sunday Snapshot}

Xandra so adores her brother. I think she was just annoying him at this exact moment.
Trying to escape?

Happy Girl

Our buddy Landon came over to play a few days ago!

He loves Milo
Landon lost his first tooth a few weeks ago.
Xandra's intrigued & has begun checking her teeth daily.
Milo's FAVorite book ("How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?")
We act out almost every single page.
My fav is when we all roar like dinosaurs.

Maybe it's just me...
I have a Love-affair with this boy in his undershirt.

I'm taking a couple of religion classes this semester (required courses in the private college I attend). While I still have many doubts and more than a truckload of questions, they have been getting me thinking lately. 

I am blessed. 
But I really, really am.
If I'm truly honest with myself, there is nothing in this world that I need more than what I already have. Nothing.
Of course I want things, but they're usually meaningless things just to throw money away on (I am an average middle-class American after all).
But looking at these kiddos every day, even with all the challenges; being with my wonderful husband who would do anything for me (& usually does).... I could not have dreamed of a better life if I'd tried.

I love you Matt, Xandra, and Milo!! & I love that you make my life so incredible!!

Ni Hao Yall

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food & Chopsticks {somewhat Wordless Wednesday}

I finally got the kiddos chopstick "helpers."
This is Milo's attempt at using them
(yes, he's using a pink plate... he stole Xandra's food)
(he may or may not have used his hand to assist...)
Personally, I really like Xandra's way of doing it
~just blatantly use your fingers!!
Xandra's newest favorite snack that she actually begs for??
Just too cute not to throw in here!
Discovered these very moving posts from a friend on FB
Please take a moment or two to look over these- they're totally worth it!!
(Personally, I'm planning on printing these out somehow & put them in the kiddos' rooms)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun in the Sun {Sunday Snapshot}

Goodness, I wish that "Fun in the Sun" was actually in a tropical location!! No vacations in sight, unfortunately. Boo. But we have been seeing an awful lot of sun around here, even though it's still a little chilly. So, light jackets donned... and playing ensues!

Xandra dancing. She's got the spin down!
So, this one's obviously not in the sun...
But OH! those EYES!!
Like pools of water, I tell ya!!
Today was supposed to be FCC playgroup day. But Matt made an appointment for Milo to get his hair cut at the exact same time. So, we let the boys go off to do their thing, while Xandra & I went to playgroup. We had fun, and WOW!! is it way easier to handle one kid than two in a mall!! We went to Build-a-Bear (picked up a little buy 1, get 1 free tiny animals, + a couple $$'s off with a forgotten gift card = SCORE!) & Children's Place (couple sale items + another forgotten gift card = way too cheap to pass up!!) after we finished playing. 

Once Milo woke up from his nap, we headed outside to enjoy the rest of the day!

Quite the comedian, this one.
Always up to no good, and looking around for someone to laugh at him.
Xandra was chasing him as he ran to his car. He jumped into the car (see those feet half off the ground?)
Almost in...
MADE IT!! & made it before Xandra caught him!!
Can you tell this is all-time favorite toy?
Yeah.. me neither!
My girl- lost in deep thought.
Maybe she'll be a philosopher...
Still catch a few of his somber moments, though they're getting fewer & farther between.
One of our adoptive friends calls these looks the "Chinese Stoic Face."
Milo giving a "back" hug to Xandra. They love each other so much..
just melts a mama's heart!
On another note- we FINALLY got a court date for Milo's re-adoption!! What a pain in the arse!! We tried to fill out the paperwork 3 separate times. Each time we tried to turn it in, they told us we'd forgotten something, or filled it out wrong. So, we asked them to kindly assist us. Nope. They refused. They said they could not legally help us. Say what??!! Finally on the 3rd time, we struck gold with someone who took pity on us & helped. Thank goodness!! I can't wait to post pictures of our little guy becoming officially, Officially, OFFICIALLY our son (even though he already is)!! 

Click below for more gorgeous pics!
Be sure to check out Stephanie's (Ni Hao Y'all's owner) story about sleep & bonding!!

Sunday Snapshot

Friday, February 17, 2012

Progress, Silliness, & a Surprise! {Fav Foto Friday}

I need to get more video of Milo talking. Something in his little brain has kind of clicked on, and he's started really trying to communicate with words in the last week. More than just the grunts we've heard for almost 9 months. I can't say it's really an onslaught of words, but he's trying so hard.

You can see the wheels turning as he tries to remember the word he wants, form it in his mouth, and make it understandable. I was shocked tonight when little man said 3 words together. We've been working on putting 2 words together for months.

But I don't think his speech therapist will count this as a 3-word-sentence (darn it!). She's let me know that even though he regularly, spontaneously, & correctly will say "all done" & "thank you," those don't count either. Because those words are regularly put together (a common phrase), it only counts as one word. Boo. Oh well- it's still exciting to hear him say new things!!

Ok, the next one is just wrong of us. As parents, we should probably not be encouraging our kids to do these things. We are so immature. I'm ashamed. Well, I'll try to be after I quit laughing.

The other day, I was trying to clean up some things in our bedroom. We've been home from China for about 9 months now.... yeah, I still have a half-packed suitcase in our room. No clothing is left in there, but a lot of the stuff that we purchased as keepsakes. Anyway, I was looking through things and discovered this:

I don't remember getting this in China! It was like discovering the most precious gift I could dream of (with the exception of a baby picture, of course). I don't know how old he is in this picture, but I know it's younger than 21 months (that's how old he was when we first met him). I love this little baby face!! 

Happy Friday!!

the long road

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'll Do Better

I'm not even going to pretend this is a *Wordless Wednesday* post.
Cause I need to say a few things.
This past weekend was rough. 
Growing pains. Mostly, on my part. 
I've been a working mama for as long as I've been a mom.
But the nice part about having a "dead-end-job" is that I could easily leave it all behind when I left for the day.
College is not like that. College really should be completed as a teenager/young adult. 
Before having a family. 
Trying to fit in studying during naps or after bedtimes… it’s difficult.
Matt helps immensely. I couldn’t possibly do any of this without him.
But stress is stress.
And I allowed it to get the better of me.
But all I can do now is try to do better.
We had a good day today- lots of laughing & playing.
My hubby & my kiddos are my world.
Going back & completing my degree is as much for them as it is for me.
I want to make them proud.
So I'll try to do better.

Monday, February 13, 2012


{I've debated actually posting this for a while. It's been written for a few days, though it's been on my mind much longer. I put it out there because maybe someone out there in blogger world might have some encouraging thoughts. And because I admire so many other bloggers who manage to "keep it real"- not just 'happy-smiley-every-day-is-a-fairytale' kind of blogs. So, here is my reality...}

If you're a regular reader of the blog... I've alluded to it.
If you know me in real life... You're probably well aware.

Xandra & I have been butting heads lately.
Arguing about every little thing.
Every day.
20..30..50 times a day.
I hate it.
I abhor the parent I've become to her.
I need to change.

Every morning, starts virtually the same.
Xandra wakes, and seems to get lost.
She'll stand at the top of the steps, or the middle, and just look & act lost.
This is where it begins.
"Xandra, either come down or go back up. Either way, find a bathroom & use it before you have another accident!"
Yes, she's nearly 6 years old, and continues to wear pull-ups at night.
Because she needs them. 
Sort of.
Mostly, it is my belief that she's lazy. Or maybe she has that disorder where she forgets everything when she goes to sleep.
I don't say that to be mean. I say it because I honestly don't have any other explanation.
She will wake up, get out of bed to turn on her light, get back in bed, and use her pull-up to its fullest potential.
She cannot seem to bring herself to use the restroom in the morning.
Now, to be sure, there have been plenty of days that she has woken & stayed dry.
Just not consistently.

But that's just one portion of our problem. 
I know that she and I are way too much alike. I've known it for a very long time. Years.
I cringed when I saw her beginning to mirror my mannerisms.
I knew. I knew I was too sarcastic. 
But, I can't seem to help myself. 
And I have passed that lack of self-control on to Xandra, as well.
It's not fair to her, the parent I've become to her.

Every morning, we begin our day with an argument. 
And it usually escalates from there. 
Matt hates it. 
I hate it. 
Xandra hates it. 
I think Milo just figures it's normal. 
Which is sad.
And I'm ashamed.
I'm a yeller. There. I said it.
My blood pressure boils. I feel my heart pounding. 
And it takes way too long for me to calm back down.
At which point, I always apologize. 
But I'm apologizing way too often. 
Because I'm getting that angry way too often.

Something needs to change.
I need to change.
I need to be better.
A better parent. A better person.
I need to control my out-of-control temper.
Because I see it forming in my precious little girl.
And that's the last thing in the world I want.
She's better than that. I would hope that I'm better than that.
But, so far, I'm not.

My shortcomings.
My failings.
As a person.
More importantly as a parent.
I want to change.
I want to be better.
For them.
For myself.
I just wish I knew how...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Special Needs" {Sunday Snapshot}

Found Stole this from a buddy on Pinterest. 
I love it.
My first thought?
Raising a little boy with "Special Needs" has been the most fulfilling, personally gratifying experience of my life. 
I can not imagine my life without him.
What the heck did we do before Milo was around??

Seriously... Could this kid be ANY cuter??
We sure didn't have this much fun!!!

Click below for more awesome pics!!

Sunday Snapshot
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