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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Preparations

We are hosting Christmas Eve dinner this year.
And we're taking the easy way out.... Pizza!!
But we are making some homemade desserts.
The kiddos helped me with the Chocolatey Pumpkin Bars.
(*please excuse my insanely messy kitchen!)

Milo was giving his last chocolate chip to Xandra - such a sweetheart!!
And then, the hardest part....
Waiting for them to bake up!

After all that prep, it was play time! 
Milo's is currently into Avengers.
I love watching that imagination at work- even though it's totally different from Xandra's.
A lot more "fighting" & smashing & general destruction.
I've said it before, I'll say it again-
Boys are simply wired differently than girls!

"Mama wook! Faw dow (fall down)!"

Xandra was playing with a few Littlest Pet Shop animals.
And looked up with the most beautiful expression.

Then she moved over to the crayons & started drawing.

After dinner, Matt made milkshakes
(ice cream sandwiches & milk - really good, but really thick!)

The kiddos were in heaven!!
We had a really good day yesterday. 
Even though we were essentially stuck in the house all day (sniffly noses & coughs don't play well in the cold outside!), we had a really good time together (without too many fights!).

Because she's rarely on here... this is our dog Lexie (a  chihuahua & miniature pinscher mix= a chia-pin!). She's 10 years old this year, and starting to show it - arthritis has set in & most of her teeth are rotting out. She's not been the sweetest dog ever- she really doesn't care for the kiddos being around her too much, but she's still our family. And she's a really good personal heater!! 
I'll have more pictures of our Christmas festivities coming up!!

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  1. Oh my ! Such fun memories in the making. I LOVE that shot of your daughter looking up. Fabulous!

  2. These images are just adorable! Surely treasures that they will look back on and LOVE. I love the ones of them cooking together!
    nancy-of the crazy 9


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