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Friday, September 7, 2012

Milo, An Update of Sorts

My baby boy.
Oh this boy.
He is my dream come true & so much more.
He drives me so crazy one minute, then turns around & melts my heart.
I mean...
Those eyes!
It was the first thing I fell in love with when I saw his referral pictures. 

I've thought for a long time about doing some type of update on Milo's limb difference.
I've gone back and forth with it because,
there's not much to update.
There really isn't anything that I can honestly think of that this boy cannot do.
He may do it differently than others, but he can do it!

We had a little incident last week with some kids at Xandra's bus stop.
But all in all, it really wasn't a big deal at all.
Milo doesn't usually wait with us at her bus stop (another example of Matt's & my policy of "divide & conquer").
But Matt had an early morning appointment, so Milo got to wave his sister off.
A couple boys walked up & stared at Milo - blatantly (& if I'm honest, a little rudely; but they are little boys so... I'll let that go).
Then they began saying he was "weird"& "looked weird."
I corrected them - "He's not weird, he's different. We're all different. If you have a question about him, please ask me. But please don't call him weird."
They didn't really ask any questions we haven't heard before:
"What happened to his arm?"
"Is he from China?"
"Are you his mom?"
As I always do in these situations, I second-guessed all of my responses, my tone, how long I waited before I "stuck up" for my son, how Milo "heard" my answers & will answer these questions himself later on.... 
Does it ever get easier??

Matt & I recently discussed (again!) getting Milo a prosthetic.
Matt has been thinking about it a lot, and thinks it might be good for him.
Not so much for me.
I really don't think he needs it.
He does everything - & I mean everything - including a lot of things I don't want him to do!
I can see both sides of this issue, pros & cons for each case.
But, for now, I'm in the camp of "let him be."
Because he's doing so well, and because he's still growing (lordy! is he growing!!), I think we could just save the couple/few hundred dollars it would cost to refit him every time he outgrows it.
We'll reevaluate again in a few months (& probably will forever more).

We're restarting speech therapy, as of today.
Matt took him (no more home visits-boo!!)...
& apparently, he did really well!
I'm really happy about it.
After last school year, when we took the summer off, I was pretty discouraged.
We hadn't been making any progress, except for what he was picking up at his school
(which is one of the huge reasons we wanted to keep him there!).
So, now he'll be getting good practice at both places.
Love it when things work out like that!!

So that's my non-update on Milo.
Not too interesting... but that's where we are.
Love that boy!!

Anyone know of a way to keep a kid in their crib? Milo's driving me nutty with all the climbing out! He even managed to scare the bejesus out of Xandra this morning - he got up way too early, climbed out of bed, snuck into Xandra's room...
& let's just say, I woke up to insanely loud screams at 6 am.
Not fun.

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& check out some other great pictures!!
the long road


  1. My son had a football coach in college who was born without arms. He has gone around as a motivational speaker. Try you tube for mark speckman and see if you can find it. He rebelled against his prothesthis, and doesn't use any to date, and he's just shy of 60 yrs old. Have friends that have purchased a tent to go over the crib to keep the littles in. Hang tough mama...you're doing a great job!

  2. I love it, Amy! I love how you answered those questions and handled that situation with total grace!! I think, in the long run, so will Milo because of how YOU taught him! It's so frustrating, but unfortunately it's a reality. As you know, the best thing we can do is arm them properly:)

    Looks and sounds like Milo is doing fantastic!!!

  3. Hey! Heather used to have a crib tent to keep Ian in. You should give her a call about it. That or now is the time to move Milo to a toddler bed and double-stack the baby gates on his door. That's what we did with Cullen. See you next week for playgroup!!!

  4. Everytime I have read about Milo I never once thought "He should get a prosthetic." Seems like he does great without one! Tough decisions as parents! Good luck in clinicals (and with the drive)!


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