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Friday, June 22, 2012

New Tricks {Fav Foto Friday}

Guess what Milo learned how to do??!!

Hello tan lines!

Yeah.. mid-air.
This boy has no fear.

I was the privileged one to discover this new trick on Monday, when Matt was at a city council meeting.
About 10 minutes after I said the last goodnight to the kiddos, I heard a whimper.
I immediately thought Xandra got up (which is very unusual for her- she all but refuses to get out of bed, even if she needs to go to the restroom... we're working on that).
But I found Milo standing at the top of the steps.
As soon as I picked him up, he began crying.
He couldn't calm down for 15 minutes.
Then he zoned out/shut down for another 15 minutes.
I think he scared himself.
So we had a good half hour of bonding time, while I assured him he was not in trouble.

However, he has been showing off practicing his new trick torture-technique skill for the past few days.
And our bedtime routine now includes a stern warning request begging him to remain in bed all night.
So far, so good... 
Since that first night, he's only practiced his climbing during daylight hours
(as Xandra watches & happily screeches "Do it again Milo! Do it again!").

We'll be shopping for a big-boy bed in the next few weeks.

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  1. Little monkey!!! Funny...we just removed the crib from Charlie's room yesterday! He hasn't used it months but we kept it there as a threatening tool! Problem is...we never followed through!! Oh well, now we'll just pray he stays in that bed!! Thank goodness Milo didn't hurt himself too badly!!

  2. Uh oh, I think you have a little monkey on your hands! He is a riot; I just love these pics!

  3. I love those upside down ones- TOO FUNNY! Houdini!!

  4. Fantastic that you got pics! That tree painting is splendid...did you paint it???

  5. He is so cute! You did a great job at capturing a fun milestone, too!

  6. Ohhhhh my, he is so sweet! And that first picture is priceless!!!! Hehe! He sure is going to keep you on your toes now!



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