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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Inspiration {Sunday Snapshot}

I'm officially on spring break. Sort of...
Long story short- I do have some homework to do still. Blah.

My big plans for this week, though:
A major purge, clean up, and organization of the magnitude of toys in this house.

I hate to say that I'm a "type A" person, but I do have some tendencies in that direction.
I decided long before we had kiddos that I wanted their bedrooms to be a place of rest, and the so very rare instances of discipline. To achieve that, their bedrooms contain virtually no toys. 
I will admit to a few, but mostly ones that I've collected, so they are more meaningful than play-worthy.

Therefore, the toys reside in our family room. 
And living room. 
And kitchen. 
And landing at the top of our stairs. 
You know those houses where people have those nice living rooms? The ones that "only adults" are allowed into? No toys in sight? Always clean, due to the "no kids" rule? 
I always thought those were a little pretentious. 
But I'm starting to see the beauty in them. Oh, the beautiful cleanliness. The beautiful lack of toys cluttered in every corner. 

I'll probably never have that clean room, cause it's just not in my makeup. {Quick side note: one of the big draws about our house, for me at least, was that it didn't have a formal dining room. I knew that we would never use that kind of room because we're just too laid back.} But I am getting to the point of embarrassment about the toys strewn all over, and being the first thing you see when you enter our house. 

So, I decided to get prepared.
i.e. Pinterest
I found Modern Parents Messy Kids ("Project Organize Your Entire Life"), Ask Anna ("I Dream of Clean & Spring Cleaning"), & Clover Lane ("40 Days/40 Bags"). I'm pumped! 
Granted, I only have a couple hours each morning to actually purge without any kiddo's input, while Xandra's at school. So I'll need to work fast. 

That last blog I found led me to another blog full of inspiration of a different nature. This post was written about a blogger mama who spent 1 month in Thailand volunteering in orphanages. This woman & her husband took their 6 kids (yes, 6!), who apparently range in age from high-school'ish-toddler, to go volunteer with those much less fortunate in another country. Oh what sweet inspiration

But it gets better. Now, I haven't had a chance to read the whole blog (though there's not much - she doesn't write very often), but it appears they have escalated that volunteer trip. They are now on a 4-month volunteer journey through Cambodia, Thailand, India, & Spain. 
Oh, how I would love to do something like that!! 
But right now, I've got to get some homework done so I can focus all next week on purging & cleaning, cleaning & purging! 

**These pics don't have anything to do with the post, but were too cute not to include**

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Sunday Snapshot

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  1. I spent 3 hours cleaning out and organizing the toys. Came home a few days later when my husband was manning the house and kids and it looked like I had never cleaned it! I went mildly postal... but we all recovered! Good luck!


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