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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Park {Fav Foto Friday}

We've been thoroughly enjoying seeing the SUN the last few days!! It's been so nice, in fact, that the kiddos & I took a walk to the park after dinner the other night. I had just been to the store earlier in the day & picked up some sunglasses for Milo. He was thrilled!

He thought he was pretty hot stuff strutting around

I love the half-down-the-nose look

He had an absolute blast on the slide. Of the 2 slides (a small "baby" one & the long "big kid" one), he of course, refused to even try the baby slide. Big kid slide all the way!

Xandra wore a Sleeping Beauty dress over jeans, with her fav jacket & a baby doll carrier holding a stuffed kitty
Milo also loved the swings. A lot. Unfortunately, he didn't discover them until about 5 minutes before we left. The sun was really getting low in the sky, so as hard as I tried to get shots of him laughing his head off in the swing, they all came out blurry & grainy. Boo. I suppose we'll just have to try again!

Head over to my friend Lisa's blog for some more great photos!
the long road


  1. Adorable. Sunshine and outside play. the best!

  2. Such BEAUTIFUL kids!!!!! Thank you for your prayers for Ivy!!! Hugs from Az.


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