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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prayers For Ivy

Most in the blogging world are probably familiar with sweet Ivy's story.
But maybe you're not...
For those who aren't, she & her wonderful family need our help
(& it won't cost a thing, other than a few minutes of your time)

This is Ivy.
This precious baby came home to her Forever Family in February.
From the moment her family found her, they knew she needed to come home quickly.

 Ivy's heart needed help.
After a heart catheterization, they found that Ivy was indeed operable!!
"She is done!!! Her lungs are fine! Praise God!! The only surprise is that along with the pulmonary artery being small and thickened ( called pulmonary stenosis) her pulmonary valve is only 2.9mm so very tiny. Both will need to be re-designed but it is doable!! Her vsd is as thought, HUGE, and the switched arteries (transposition of the great arteries), well, their switched..

Her open heart surgery will include lots of work but Ivy is operable and has HOPE written all over her!!!!!!!!"

 Yesterday was her big day ~ Surgery.
And it went wonderfully! 
The surgeons were successful.
Her body doesn't know how to use its new anatomy.
So, she remains on life support.
She is thankfully being weaned today, but she still needs our help.
Good thoughts, 
Good will,
whatever you subscribe to...
Please raise it up for Ivy, her family, and her surgeons.

Please click any of the links above, or HERE, to visit her mom's blog to stay updated on her progress.

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