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Saturday, March 17, 2012

More of the Same {Fav Foto Friday}

The weather has been absolutely too beautiful to pass up all these frequent trips to the park. Thankfully, our neighborhood park is a short walk away from our house (one of the big draws for buying our house, actually).

A little pouting in the tunnel -
I can't remember why.
But I know she got over it pretty quickly.
I finally got a good shot on the swings!!

Milo took a couple minor spills on the mulch & got a bit dirty...
but that's all part of being a boy, right?

Xandra's new favorite part of the park

Xandra's hair standing up on end cause of the slide!

It's been a lot of same 'ol, same 'ol around here. But it will be getting a little crazy around here in another month or so. I'm hosting a baby shower at the end of April, Milo's 1 year Forever Family Day at the beginning of May, and Xandra's 6th birthday the next week. Looking forward to it all, though! I seem to live for projects & chaos! 

Click below to see more beautiful pictures!!
the long road

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