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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bath Party

What to do when it's too chilly to play outside, Daddy's gone for the day, & Mama is sick of the bickering?

Bath Party in the Jacuzzi tub!

Milo's first time in the big tub.
I can't decide if he liked it...

Xandra has always been a little wary of the big tub.
I think I totally freaked her out the first time she was in it (a few years ago), when I turned the jets on.
But I think she's finally forgiven me.

I warned them about splashing (Xandra still hates to get water in her eyes), but it's a little brother's job...

Who can resist a cute little Chinese tushie?
Not me!

They stayed in the tub so long I ended up adding more warm water!
I'll be keeping this little trick up my sleeve for future use!
The best part- 2 clean little bodies & 1 worn out little boy (+ a great photo op!)!!


  1. Oh yes, I am so stealing this mid-day bath idea!
    Too cute!

  2. these photos are simply fantastic! great lighting and even greater adorableness!!! what a bunch of cuties you have!!
    (now i need a tub with jets! bet my 3 would go crazy!! :)

    ps. thanks for your sweet comment and encouragement on my blog :)

    have a great day!

  3. Thank you so much! I was so excited when we first found out our new house had the jacuzzi tub. 7 years & 2 kids later... we very rarely use it. The most use it sees is when we're sick (then it feels oh so good!). The kids are really the only ones who take baths & we usually relegate them to their own {small} tub (easier to wrangle them!). I didn't turn the jets on this time cause the water has to be pretty deep for them to work & I was already nervous putting Milo in there!! :)


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