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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gardening {Sunday Snapshot}

(My fav shot of Milo... this week.)
Size does not matter!!
A few days ago, the weather was just a little cool,
but perfect for prepping our garden.
At first, the kiddos played together.
Forced Follow-the-Leader ??
But soon, Xandra noticed Daddy raking the grass out of the garden & wanted to help. 

Of course, if sister could do it, Milo needed a turn!!

Then they tried to work together...

But it didn't take long for Milo to fall back into his little brother role:
for every bit that Xandra raked out,
Milo tried to kick it all back in!

Xandra decided her hands could do a much better job of scooping & moving the old grass out.
(She's young & can bend over repeatedly without the back pain us old people get!)

Anything sister can do, I can do better!

Not so sure about all this manual labor...
Finally, Daddy showed Xandra how to dig the stubborn weeds out.

Did you notice Xandra's choice of gardening shoe?
Silver sparkle ballet flats, of course!!

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Ni Hao Yall

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  1. These are all so sweet!! Milo with the rake is priceless...... never too small to conquer any task!

    Happy Sunday~




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