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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Boy Stuff

It appears that we are just beginning our journey with Milo's doctor visits. Although I will soon be in the medical field myself, I still do not like going to the doctor! Not for myself. And most certainly, not for my kids! 99.9% of the time you need to see a doctor... it's not for something good.

This morning (if you haven't already guessed), Milo had an appointment with a urologist. I went for one thing, and one thing only. It should have been a fairly quick visit. That ended up lasting 2 hours. The doctor "found" a couple of concern areas. One of which is the potential for a hernia (his abdominal wall didn't close up the way it should have after his testicles descended). Ouch. So, Milo will soon be undergoing surgery to fix him up.

I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry... but I hate the thought of one of my babies having surgery. Thankfully, it should be a quick (like an hour) outpatient procedure. I'll keep y'all posted as we go along!!

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