True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whole Lotta Nothing

We spent the last couple of days cleaning up our house & getting ready for our first post-placement visit (yesterday). While I know in my head that these visits really aren't a huge deal... my heart was pumping for days. I even managed to give myself a migraine for the 2 days before the visit. Thankfully, it went away yesterday, so I could pay attention to the questions our social worker asked. It's such an odd feeling to have someone come into your house and essentially judge you, your family, your coping parenting style, and your home. I felt the same way when we were getting our home study done. Thankfully, everything went fine & we only have 2 more visits (November & next August). 

And today, I spent most of the afternoon trying to catch up on laundry. Oh, how I hate laundry! Seriously. It didn't even bother me that no one in the family had clean clothes to wear. You know- just turn your undies inside out & wear 'em again!! ;)  My incredible, wonderful husband was sweet enough over the past week or so to actually wash & dry the laundry. The big task that no one wanted to do was fold. So I finally sat down & folded 7 baskets worth this afternoon. Blegh!! And I actually have a couple loads left to do. Can you believe that a family of 4 can produce that much???? I was shocked, but I did discover some clothes I'd completely forgot I owned!! It's almost as exciting that finding a dollar bill in your pocket!!

Since I've been doing the domestic thing today (& the past few days), I don't have any new pics. I haven't grabbed the camera in a few days. I will be soon though... I can't wait for Lisa's photography class to begin next Thursday!! Woo!! :)

 My cutey-pie shaking her booty in the water!

 She really gets down!

 I can't believe those long legs!! Matt & I are both on the short side- I'm not sure whose kid she is... ;)

I so wish I hadn't cut off Xandra's head in this shot! They had so much fun running through the water together! 

**I almost forgot to mention- we now have Milo's surgery scheduled for the end of September. The really horrible part is that I'll be in class! :'(  Matt will be on daddy-duty. 

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