True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Forever My Son

(Consider yourself warned ~ this is a LONG post with LOTS of pictures!)
I have anticipated this day since before we met Milo.
Yes, it's a wonderful date to achieve within the adoption community, but for whatever reason it just seems huge on a personal level. 
I mean, ONE Year.
365 Days.
Small in the scale of a lifetime, but enormous in our son's life.
We have experienced every season with our son. 
We have not been away from him for longer than a few hours.
For an entire year. 

This is one of Milo's referral pictures (3 total)
@ 15-18 months (I think)
An updated picture received just before we travelled
@ 19-20 months
I remember desperately wanting to see our boy smile- I couldn't wait to see him happy!
That's what I was waiting for!!!!
A peek into our son's personality
  • Loves cars (real, toys, movies) - Daddy is so proud & can't wait till he's a little taller & can help out working on them (I'm seeing some type of muscle car in his future, if Daddy has anything to say about it)
  • Loves Elmo (but not so hot about Sesame Street, go figure)
  • Loves B*rbies (thanks Xandra)
  • Loves torturing tormenting playing with the dog
  • Loves the word NO (saying it, not hearing it!)
  • Loves being tickled
  • LOVES water
    • baths
    • pools
    • puddles
    • dog's water bowl
  • Adores his sister above anyone else (yep, even Mom & Dad are below Xandra)
  • Dislikes socks (therefore LOVES sandals) - will peel them off as soon as he walks into the house (just like his Daddy)
  • Comedian
    • loves to elicit laughs from anyone & everyone
    • goes out of his way to get us to laugh (even attempting "slapstick" comedy, which occasionally ends up in an injury)
  • Outgoing
  • Daring
  • Stubborn
  • Trusting
  • Confident
  • Loving (leg hugs are the best! but the hug-you-so-hard-he-almost-chokes-you hugs are even better!)
  • Smart (oh my word! he is so smart!!)
  • Playful 
  • Endless energy (like Energiz*r Bunny. Sun-up to Sun-down & beyond.)

We have experienced highs and lows, as with any relationship.
We have experienced grieving (& I'm positive we'll go through more).

We have experienced his fear.
We have experienced complete, unadulterated joy. 

We have experienced what it is to discipline a boy who has most likely never been disciplined before.
(The orphanage told us to just give him candies if he was upset)
(He has become so comfortable in time-out that he often refuses to come out after his time is up- he'll sit there until he's good & ready to come out, on his own timetable, thankyouverymuch! -we might need to rethink the discipline method)

We are experiencing his first words (with us).
We are now officially & irrevocably "Mama," "Dada," & "La-La" (Xandra).

We have experienced the heartfelt, unsolicited, spontaneous words every adoptive parent longs to hear: 
"I lala {love you}!" (swoon!!)
We have witnessed the transformation of a lost, terrified, sad, confused baby boy.

We have witnessed this boy grow into a confident, nothing-can-get-me-down or stop-me 
full-fledged toddler.

He has turned our lives completely upside down.
Made us feel like we're taking crazy pills!
So much for those wonderfully lazy days, when I could actually lay down a few minutes if I was tired or didn't feel well (precious Xandra would even cover me up, kiss me on my forehead, and go off to play quietly on her own! bless that girl!).
So long to predictable schedules.
Milo is a whirlwind of constant activity.
And I can't imagine our lives without him.
He has brought us back to life.
I have never seen Matt so proud (don't get me wrong- Matt adores Xandra, but has just never been able to fully embrace his inner-tea-party-B*rbie-doll-playing-self!).
Milo's zest for life is absolutely contagious.
And we all adore him!


"The mysteries of love no one knows,
But the gift of your life, your birth mother bestowed.
To live together wasn't meant to be,
So she searched high and low for a solution to see.
She looked for a way to do the best she could do, 
To make sure you were cared for so her heart would be true.
She wrapped you up warmly and started to cry,
As she told you your name and whispered goodbye.
Then your mom and your dad, they heard about you,
So across the ocean they came.
You were the child that they both wanted so much,
And today they'd do the same."

**I highly recommend this book!! 
Beautiful story & Beautiful illustrations!! 
Makes me cry every time I read it. 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL POST:) Happy Gotcha Day, Milo!!! Big hugs from Florida!!!

    Adoption is simply amazing, isn't it?? Ready to go back yet, Amy??? :)


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