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Friday, May 18, 2012

Recapping Xandra's Birthday {Fav Foto Friday}

Before I get going on Xandra's birthday, I thought I'd throw in our newest family picture. As part of our LAST post-placement visit {happy dance!}, we had to get a picture with all of us in it. Out of 10 quick shots on our deck, this is the best one.

At least most of us were looking at the camera!
Please pay no attention to B*rbie legs next to Milo... 
After seeing the picture, though, I realize just how much weight I've put on with late-night studying & my insatiable sweet tooth. Ugh! So, I downloaded the couch to 5K app. Normally, I get an almost-instant migraine whenever I've tried to run before. But I managed the first day headache-free. So, I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to continue pain-free. I'm also hoping that by posting this, it will help push me not to stop.

Now, on to Xandra's party! We hit our local pottery-painting shop, and had a blast!

This is so my mellow-dramatic girl!! She knew exactly what she was getting (cause it was the only thing she's asked for for weeks), but she still managed to be totally shocked!
She got a B*rbie jet. I was dead-set against getting it, but Daddy won out on that one. I have a passionate hatred of pretty much all things B*rbie. The fact that this item is GINORMOUS (both in size & cost) did not help its case with me. Add in the 50 million minuscule pieces (seriously with the individual ice cubes that are like grains of sand???? --those got trashed before anyone saw them), and well... I still hate it. But it was nice to see Xandra so happy. I love my girl, so I suppose I'll put up with it. 

Milo missed his nap. So, he wasn't feeling so wonderful by the time we got to the party. I had originally scheduled the party to be 2 hours long. We've painted pottery before, and it's always taken quite a while. But this time (of course), the kids decided they were done within 30 minutes. Xandra opened presents, and we ate some cake pops... and we killed another 15 minutes. Yep... 45 minute party. It would have been a good thing (especially with Milo's crankiness), but one of the kids parents had dropped her off so she could run an errand. I didn't think it would be a big deal... until I realized that I didn't have the mom's cell phone, so I couldn't contact her. So we all sat around with nothing to do, trying to keep Milo from breaking a bunch of pottery, and listening to all the kids complain about being bored. Fun. Thankfully, the mom did come back a half hour early (well, early for the official end of the party). Lesson learned, I suppose.

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  1. Oh, the funny stuff of life...lots of this made me laugh--the grains of sand ice cubes (argh), the barbie legs in the photo (whatcha gonna do about it, huh china?), the party. :) beautiful pics!


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