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Friday, May 4, 2012

Puddles {Fav Foto Friday}

It rained most of the day - actually, it was thunderstorms.
But after dinner, there was a lull in the weather.
So we decided to go for a short walk.

Our neighborhood is a fairly new development, so we don't have many puddles.
All we could find was water making its way to the sewers.
But that was enough!!

Even little puddles make a splash!!

On our way home, it started raining once again.
A few minutes after we closed the back door, the downpour began.
And within half an hour, we made our way to the basement because a tornado had been spotted somewhat near us.
Thankfully, we just had a little play time in the basement -a rare treat for the kids-
and were able to come back upstairs after just a little while.
A little side story:
The kids went to the dentist this week.
This was the first trip for Milo (probably ever), 
and the first successful trip for Xandra.
(We had never made it through a visit without her leaving in hysterics)
When the hygienist called Xandra first, 
she got up from the waiting room very calmly,
and told the hygienist that "actually Milo wanted to go first please."
Milo did go first & was an absolute champ!
I think he gave Xandra courage, because she also did wonderfully!
Unfortunately, the dentist found that one of Milo's molars is weak on 3 sides,
making it highly susceptible to cavities.
So, he will be getting a cap on July 3rd.
Please keep him (& us!) in your thoughts!
What every parent dreams of... 
but it seems just a little sweeter to me.

the long road

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