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Friday, January 4, 2013


I adore donuts.
So I never buy them.
Because I would totally eat them.
(Yes, I would even stoop to stealing them from my children... I have a problem)

So, the fact that you see my kids with donuts in these pictures is an exception to our daily lives.
But there was a good reason.

I was unexpectedly thrown into "single parent" mode for a few days.
And I was desperate.

The Sunday before New Year's (12/30/12), Matt started having pains in his stomach.
Severe pains.
He dealt the best he could for a few hours, but by dinner time, the pains won.
And I had to take him to the ER.
We got home after 10.
But he was still in pain.
Even after taking his ER prescribed pain meds.
Even more severe pain than before.

So at 1 am, I began calling friends to see who was crazy enough to answer their phone.
One finally did, and we were back off to the ER by 2 am.
I stayed with him until 5, and then came back home to relieve our sitter crazy friend angel who answered her phone.
I finally picked Matt up at 9:30, but the pain meds they sent home this time knocked him out, and he slept for the next 4 days.
I however, had only had about 2 hours of sleep.

So, donuts were requested by the kids, and donuts were served up.
The doctors *think* Matt had a kidney stone. Or maybe gallbladder issues. Or who knows what else.
Basically, they have no idea what was wrong with him.
His symptoms indicated a stone, but they never found one (CT scan & ultrasound).
We don't know... probably will never know.
He's still in pain today, but it's a bit better.
So, a lot of stuff I'd wanted to do on this last week of my school break didn't get done.
But that's ok.
We made it through.

And the kids thoroughly enjoyed their donuts!!!
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  1. Oh your daughter's eyes are amazing! Nice shots. Donuts make everything taste better.


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