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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy Days of Summer

How is that summer days (especially weekends!) get so packed up with stuff to do?! You would think I'd have all the time in the world since I'm not currently working, and I'm on summer break from school. But no... there is more to do than ever before!

Let me start with a quick update on Milo's eye:
The swelling has gone down, but now the pretty colors are showing. In the right lighting, it looks like he's wearing eye shadow :)

So this weekend... I had a girls' night out Friday (Fun!!). Saturday morning was the FCC Play Group. The kids have such a good time there every couple weeks- I just love going! Saturday night, Matt & I went on a double-date with our friends. We had dinner, caught a movie, & planned our vacation together for next June (yeah, we're those people!). And finally, today Xandra had a birthday party to attend. The highlight of her day? That A also attended the party!

Although A barely notices Xandra, she follows him everywhere (granted, she's subtle about that, but still). We really need to have a discussion about this with her!

The kiddos were extra tired & therefore cranky today (that's why there's a lack of pics!). Our friends' daughter was their sitter last night. Xandra loves her, but this was Milo's first time with her. And we just pretty much set her up for failure- we asked her to put the kids to bed. No one besides Matt or I has put Milo to bed since the day we met. We fully expected to come home & see Milo still up. Nope! He was asleep! **She did have trouble with that, but it did work out for her.** When we walked in the door, it was Xandra's smiling face that I saw still awake. She stayed up until 11 (unheard of in Xandra's world!), and then insisted on sleeping in our bed. Late night + early morning + swim party = C.R.A.N.K.Y. girl!!!

Sunday Snapshot

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