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Monday, July 25, 2011

IAC Appointment

1 TB skin test
1 immunization shot in the leg
1 stick in the elbow to draw blood- fail :(
1 stick in the back of the hand- success
10 vials full of blood
3 stool samples (collected over the weekend)

We had our much anticipated IAC appointment today (International Adoption Center). It was a 4-hour appointment... which is really long for anyone, but extremely long for an almost 2-year-old! Overall, though, he did really well!!

What we found out:
Milo is behind (duh!) in most areas. His language is @ an 18 month-old. His gross motor skills are @ 20 months. His fine motor skills are @ 22 months. His personal/social skills are @ 20 months.

Seeing as we don't (& never will) know his true age, I feel pretty good about the results. One theme of today that was repeated over & over by the various doctors was how determined he is. When given an obstacle, he is determined to overcome it. Just one example from today- they gave him a kick-ball to pick up from the ground. He had a tough time keeping his balance while he bent over & tried to pick it up with just his one hand. He tried & tried & tried. He fell & got back up & tried again. And he got it. And then he did it again. I'm so proud of my little man I could just burst!!

Since we had such a long day with the doctors, the camera didn't come out today... But I have some miscellaneous shots from earlier this month.

Wait- Is that Al Bundy chillin' on Daddy's recliner??

Rub-a-Dub!! 2 kiddos in a tub!!

This is what happens when parents are too busy in the morning & trust a 5-year-old to pick out & put on her own shoes!!!

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