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Thursday, February 2, 2012

TAG!! You're IT!

I have never been "tagged" before! I've seen a few of these little "bloggy games" float around from time to time, and sort of wanted to participate, but never had the chance because, let's face it, I'm a pretty small fish in the bloggy world. Not many people know about me, or want to know more about me. But I'm ok with that.

But I got TAGGED today!! From my buddy Jerusha over at Hands Full On Purpose! I love Jerusha! She tells it like it is- good & bad, & makes me want to be a better blogger so I can keep up with her! Thanks J!

So, here are the rules of the award:  
1) Thank the person who gave you this award (*check!*)
2) List 7 things people may not know about you  (see below!)
3) Pass it along to a few other bloggers 

Here are my 7 things you may not know about me (though if you know me in real life, this is all stuff that's probably not new- I'm pretty much an open book):

1) I met my hubby in a karaoke bar. Please understand that I never have (& never will) frequent these types of places. I am not a singer. I don't pretend to be a singer. I hate karaoke. A lot. I tend to make fun of those who get up there {drunk} & think they can sing. I made fun of my {now} husband. A friend of mine forced me to go, and the first thing I heard when I walked in was some horrible rendition of "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy." I mean awful. I made a comment about it to my friend. She looked at the guy singing, and recognized him. Great. That was September 2000. "That guy" and I had our first date in January 2001 & moved in together that May. Love him more than I can say. Oh, & we played "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" as our entrance song to our reception. :)

2) I am adopted- by my dad. My parents got married when I was 7, and my dad adopted me a few months later. Although we haven't always had the best relationship (mostly when I was younger- it's been a lot better since I got married), he is the reason I've wanted to adopt since I was a teenager. In fact, I never thought I'd ever have a bio child. I'm the oldest of 5 kids (oldest by 7 years to the next & 12 years to the last), and boy was that good birth control!!! I *never* wanted kids when I was a teen & into my 20's! 

3)  My name was supposed to be Stephanie Danielle. My mom had just turned 19 when she had me, and still lived with her dad. So, when I was born, my grandpa told my mom the name she'd picked out was much too long, and I would never learn how to spell it. He said she ought to name me something short & easy like Amy. And I've never really cared for my name- too short for my tastes & way too plain. It got worse when my dad adopted me, because then I became Amy Miller. How much more generic could it get??

4) I dreamed for years about being an interior designer (then I remembered that I live in Ohio...). I love decorating and re-decorating our house. Matt doesn't like the re-decorating part. He keeps asking me if I'm done yet. I laugh because I will never be "done." I adore watching HGTV. In fact, when Matt really wants to get me riled up, he threatens to call the cable company & cancel just that channel. WHAT??!! I would probably go insane. 

5) I could easily & very happily live in an Ikea store. I know there are many people who can't stand their particle-board-construction-furniture. But I love it. I love it so much I forced my {then} boyfriend (now hubby) to drive over 3 hours to Pennsylvania so I could shop. And we drove back home the same day. He complained and laughed at me for the forced trip. But then he spent over 2 hours in the lighting department alone. Seriously. I could not get him to leave. Yeah. We're both pretty addicted. Love that we finally got one in Ohio! Woo!!

6) I went to school to become a professional photographer for about a year & a half, in my early 20's. I dropped out after lighting class kicked my butt. It was back before digital cameras hit the market, so I spent a fortune in film- taking 3-5 rolls to find 1-2 decent pictures. Ugh. Thank goodness for digital!! I trained on those "old" cameras too - the kind that you have to throw a cape over your head to block out the light, and the viewfinder is backwards & upside-down. I also learned how to develop my own film... not that I could remember it now, or that I'd even want to do it. 

7) I debated putting this one in here... but some readers probably don't know this about me (though most of my "real-life" friends know oh-so-well)-- I'm a huge political junky. I love pretty much anything political. I volunteer. I am that loud, obnoxious, screaming lady at political events, and at home whenever there's a speech on tv (Matt won't watch with me any more- he says I'm annoying (WHAT??!!)). But I've learned (usually the hard way) not to open my mouth about my opinions. Politics (like many subjects) are very personal, and should probably be kept that way. So, I won't go into that here on the family blog. Just know I'm screaming in my head (& a lot out loud, but you can't hear me!!). 

This really has nothing to do with the post... but what's a post without a picture??
LOVIN' the spit bubble!
And now, I'm supposed to tag a few of my other bloggy friends to also participate:
Miss Lisa @ Everything Murphy
Miss Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & the Crazy 9
Miss Stacy @ Salad Days Farm

So, TAG! You're IT ladies!! If you choose not to participate, that's absolutely fine!! It won't hurt anyone's feelings!!

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  1. Totally fascinating you are! :) Glad you played along.


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