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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Weather, Happy Kids {Sunday Snapshot}

I've known for a while, as I think most parents do, that the kiddos are happiest when they get out of the house. At least once a day, but preferably more, they NEED to get outside, or at least be in a different structure than the house we reside!!

Although I don't trust this weather- I'm a very jaded person & I know without a doubt that we will pay somehow for this warmth- the kiddos love it. And, if the kiddos love it, I guess so do I. At least they can get out and burn some energy running around instead of fighting with & hurting each other. Frankly, that makes everyone happy. 

Unfortunately, since I took these pictures a couple days ago, the weather has turned a bit for the worse. Although I'm kinda ok with it (we all know how much I HATE cold, wet, gray weather- but at least it's season-appropriate), the kiddos are not. So there's been a bit more arguing and and general fighting, with each other & with the parents. Boo. Hopefully it will snow, so they can go play in that. Cause the cold, gray rain isn't cutting it!!

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