True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun in the Sun {Sunday Snapshot}

Goodness, I wish that "Fun in the Sun" was actually in a tropical location!! No vacations in sight, unfortunately. Boo. But we have been seeing an awful lot of sun around here, even though it's still a little chilly. So, light jackets donned... and playing ensues!

Xandra dancing. She's got the spin down!
So, this one's obviously not in the sun...
But OH! those EYES!!
Like pools of water, I tell ya!!
Today was supposed to be FCC playgroup day. But Matt made an appointment for Milo to get his hair cut at the exact same time. So, we let the boys go off to do their thing, while Xandra & I went to playgroup. We had fun, and WOW!! is it way easier to handle one kid than two in a mall!! We went to Build-a-Bear (picked up a little buy 1, get 1 free tiny animals, + a couple $$'s off with a forgotten gift card = SCORE!) & Children's Place (couple sale items + another forgotten gift card = way too cheap to pass up!!) after we finished playing. 

Once Milo woke up from his nap, we headed outside to enjoy the rest of the day!

Quite the comedian, this one.
Always up to no good, and looking around for someone to laugh at him.
Xandra was chasing him as he ran to his car. He jumped into the car (see those feet half off the ground?)
Almost in...
MADE IT!! & made it before Xandra caught him!!
Can you tell this is all-time favorite toy?
Yeah.. me neither!
My girl- lost in deep thought.
Maybe she'll be a philosopher...
Still catch a few of his somber moments, though they're getting fewer & farther between.
One of our adoptive friends calls these looks the "Chinese Stoic Face."
Milo giving a "back" hug to Xandra. They love each other so much..
just melts a mama's heart!
On another note- we FINALLY got a court date for Milo's re-adoption!! What a pain in the arse!! We tried to fill out the paperwork 3 separate times. Each time we tried to turn it in, they told us we'd forgotten something, or filled it out wrong. So, we asked them to kindly assist us. Nope. They refused. They said they could not legally help us. Say what??!! Finally on the 3rd time, we struck gold with someone who took pity on us & helped. Thank goodness!! I can't wait to post pictures of our little guy becoming officially, Officially, OFFICIALLY our son (even though he already is)!! 

Click below for more gorgeous pics!
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Sunday Snapshot


  1. Looks like he is LOVING that car!!! Also such a cute little hugging pic :)

  2. What a cute post! I LOVE the joy you captured. So fun :)

  3. Beautiful photos! LOVE the last one!


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