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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday {My Town}

I've mentioned before that I'm currently taking the incredible Ms. Lisa's photography class.
Our homework last week was to take pictures without people in them.
Say WHAT??!!!
But all my pictures have people- my kids!!!
So I set out to find something else to take pictures of.
I discovered that I'm very drawn to architecture, when/if my kiddos are unavailable to me as a subject.

An old building in our small downtown area that is scheduled for demolition soon.
We have a very small downtown area.
Very small.
But, a number of years ago, an incredible artist was hired to paint some murals on the sides of some old buildings.
They are incredible! 
I've always loved them, and I finally captured them.
These definitely don't fall into "artistic photography," but I still like them.

And finally, per a recent post, an addition to my current obsession with the sunset.

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