True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Bath Time {Fav Foto Friday}

We've been just hanging out the past few days.
Not doing too much, other than the normal:
swimming, walks, swimming, bowling, swimming, cleaning...
The kids are headed back to daycare this coming Monday, giving me a couple weeks to get the house & myself in order before I head back to school as well. 
Is it bad that I've had a countdown going for a little over a month now? 
I love them, but mama needs a break! 

We've also been doing a little house updating (nothing big like putting on an addition or anything!) - mostly cleaning out closets & putting in better organization. 
That will all be so much easier when the kids aren't trying to rescue things from the trash pile!

We'll be celebrating Milo's 3rd birthday tomorrow with our family - keeping it small.
We went out for a (surprise, surprise) Chinese dinner on his actual birthday.
And being the stellar parents we are... we have yet to get him a gift.
Yep, his birthday has come & gone... the party is being held tomorrow... & we have nothing to give him!!
I see a quick trip to the toy store in our near future!

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  1. Bath time is such a simple childhood pleasure! I wish it were that fun as a grown-up!

  2. Look at those smiles! Happy 3rd birthday!!

  3. ADORABLE!!! I love the softness of of these photos. Sooooo cute:)
    Happy Friday!
    God Bless,


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