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Friday, August 24, 2012

1st Grade {Fav Foto Friday}

I'm loving this idea I got off of Pinterest!
What a wonderful way to make memories!
School Day Supplies...
It's official. 
My girl is now a 1st grader.
How did that happen so quickly??
Exactly who told her she could grow up this fast??!!

Just as I did last year, I let Xandra ride the bus to school.
Then I quickly jumped in my car & met her at the school to make sure she settled in well.
Apparently, it was pretty much a wasted trip in Xandra's eyes.

The little guy next to her in the picture above (the same boy wearing the Spid*rman backpack getting on the bus with her) just might have a little crush on Xandra.
He helped her get her backpack off (above, he's picking it up off the floor for her).
He helped her get a pencil from the container.
He helped open her crayon box for her.

And this (above) is the look I got just after she asked me "Are you going home yet, Mom?"
You work your little magic on a little boy, and suddenly you don't need Mom any more???
Growing up way too fast, I tell ya!
Lord help me when she's a teenager.
I'm going to have to invest in some industrial-strength locks on the doors.
And a doberman.
Or pitbull.
Or an all-girl's boarding school.

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  1. What a cute post!!! Its so hard sending them off to school!! She is a beauty and you surely will need to fight off the boys! Love the Pinterest idea!!

    1. Tish- I actually managed to hold it together this year. Last year, I was a slobbering mess! I only got a little misty-eyes as I was walking out to the car after Xandra essentially kicked me out! And yes... I can already see the future unfolding before my eyes.. too many boys!!

  2. Such sweet shots! I'm going to do that first day of school idea with my grandson Love the shots inside the classroom. I know he won't let me do that!

    1. I managed to beat the bus to the school, so I asked the teacher if I could take a couple pictures while I waited for Xandra. I wish I had gotten more of the "stuff" (you know, before the kids mess it up!). Then I just snagged a couple shots while she was setting in. She got annoyed with me pretty quickly, and all but kicked me out after a while. She did let me hug & kiss her before I left though, so I wasn't totally insulted! :)


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