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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Arboretum

ISO 100, f3.5 , SS 160

We went to a local park - an arboretum - the other day. I've been wanting to go there with the kids for most of the summer, but well... we had that darn heat wave... and then... I got lazy.
But we finally made it!!
This is the same park my mom used to take me to as a kid.
We hiked around for about an hour & a half - you can see Milo's sweaty little face in one of the last shots I caught of him that day (sitting on the bench swing).
I'm hoping to get them back over there again before the summer's completely over!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. It sounds like a perfect day! I know just what you mean about the heat wave. It has been insane, hasn't it? I love that you played here when you were little. How sweet!

  2. Such a pretty area for photos!!!The heat is killing me this summer too...very easy to get lazy...I like to say it's just "smart" to stay inside with the air conditioning!! :-)

  3. I'm back...just as I was clicking out, I noticed your limb difference blog links. I will be checking those out! Thanks so much!!

  4. It looks you all had a great time. How special that you can take the kids where your mom used to take you when you were little.

  5. Oh I need a arboretum to go to too! LUV the bridge! Wonderful photos and it looks like such a great place to visit!

  6. Super cute kids :) We love taking trips to the park. The bridge and rocks make for a beautiful place for photos!

    Jamie @ www.mamamommymom.com

  7. I love this series....and oh my, that bridge????

    They are so cute and look like they love to explore!!

    My girls would love it there!!!

    Keep up the fabulous work...... I love watching your photography grow!!




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