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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Would You Do?

I'm going to preface this link: I don't usually watch these shows. I don't like them. While I know they attempt to portray some real situations, I usually end up feeling as though they go a bit overboard & tend to exaggerate the situation they want people to react to. Maybe I'm just naive thinking this way. At any rate, I don't really care for this show. 

We had to watch this clip in our Speech/Communications class earlier this week. It was heartbreaking. Thankfully, the lights were turned off in the classroom because I actually started tearing up (again, these are the times I hate being a girl!). All I could think of was Milo. Granted, he (thankfully!) doesn't have Down Syndrome. But this does illustrate just how much prejudice there is in our society. It also showed me how many people silently condone this behavior. Because if we don't stand up for others- if we remain silent while others act this way- it's the same as agreeing with them. I don't mean to go on another rant, but this video just made me sick. :(

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