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Thursday, March 24, 2011

When You Ask A Dumb Question...

...like "Does Life Ever Slow Down?" (see previous post)- you get an answer! 

TA, originally uploaded by aleigh220.

I had just finished studying/cramming for my AP Practical (exam over respiration & digestion: cadavers, models, charts, & cellular structures). I was waiting in the hallway outside of the lab when my phone rang. I looked down to see our case worker's name & answered. She told me we got our TA today, and I started crying... there, in front of all my other classmates. This is the first time that I totally didn't care about being embarrassed. I took my test & rushed home to tell Matt.

We still need to get our "gotcha" day appointment & consulate appointment before we can book our tickets. But it's looking good for early May travel! 

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