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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Playing Catch Up!!

WE'RE HOME!! Thank Goodness!! 

That flight home (3 of them to be exact) is a DOOZY!! Definitely not for the faint of heart!! We arrived home last night a little after midnight (I guess that's technically today). We traveled for well over 30 hours (I lost count), with little to no sleep, depending on who you ask. 

Matt took Milo for the biggy 14-hour flight. They did well together & of course, the flight attendants were heaping all kinds of attention on them. Xandra & I were a few rows ahead of them (once again, we didn't have seats together), and every time I managed to turn around to try to see them, there was a flight attendant talking to Matt. I couldn't hear much of what was said, but I imagine it was something about what a wonderful man/father he is (I agree!). 

Since I had so much trouble with the blog, I figured the first thing I'd do is try to catch up a bit. So, first things first....

 This is the 1st glimpse we had of Milo. I honestly have no idea where the nanny came from- she just sort of appeared. The outfit Milo is wearing appears to be brand spanking new, along with his squeaky shoes. He was burning up in it!! 

 I really don't think the nanny was ready to give Milo up... I couldn't image how hard that job must be.

 Milo was obviously & legitimately very upset with the entire situation. I felt so horrible for him. 

 Daddy got him first (which we'd planned out). I wanted to get as many pictures as I could of him, and Matt just couldn't wait to have him in his arms!

 He's starting to calm down in this one. We've found that he really does calm down pretty quickly in most situations. He doesn't like when there is chaos (such as this particular situation with other crying babies)- he'd much prefer to calmly take in everything. Then, when no one else is upset (i.e. he's the center of attention), he will let loose with the wails. :)

 What a proud & happy Daddy!! 

Milo finally gets to meet that blonde girl that kept tugging on his foot! Oh, and me, too. ;)

As I stated before, we were ushered out of the orphanage pretty quickly, and driven immediately back to the hotel. 

"Hey strange man holding me... What's that thing on your head??"

"Really? Don't you think it may be a little too big for me? I'm not so sure about your fashion sense..."

"I see that you're not giving me much choice in the matter. Fine. I'll sit here & let you play.. but I'm not gonna like it!"

The first thing we did when we got back to the hotel was change Milo's clothes. He was so sweaty!! Xandra immediately sat with him and tried to calm him down. It didn't work well, but I love this picture anyway! 

This just makes me want to cry. I know they won't always like each other, but this is the kind of moment I live for!! 

So, that was our first day with our son. I will update more in the next few days. I'm currently running on about 3 hours of sleep. I think Xandra & I may have jet lag a little worse than the boys. She just couldn't sleep much, which means I couldn't sleep either. Milo is currently sleeping in his crib in his own room (!), and has been for the last 6 hours. I hope we're able to keep him in his room... we'll see. The first few nights with him, all 4 of us slept together in the bed at the hotel (Daddy didn't want to let him go). But we found that Milo is a mover & a shaker, and kept all of us up. So, we finally put him in the crib they'd provided & he slept great. We are so thankful for this! I hope it's something that continues!! 


  1. Milo is absolutely 100% ADORABLE!! Congratulations and welcome home! :)

    Waiting to bring John Wesley home from Shanghai!

  2. So glad you are home! BEAUTIFUL pictures! Charlie was brought to us by the same nanny! We asked if she was the primary caretaker and were told that there were four of them that pretty much had equal time with the kids. You sound great and relieved to be home. Can't wait to hear more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So happy to see you last night! Milo is so cute! Glad to see X was doing well too. Call us if you need ANYTHING!!! These photos are great!!!!



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