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Monday, May 2, 2011


I got these headphones a couple months back. Xandra saw them, tried them on, and wasn't interested in them at all. So, I stored them away and figured maybe Milo would use them someday.

Matt & I started pulling stuff together today, in an attempt to start packing (read: I folded @ 5 or 6 loads of clean laundry that Matt graciously cleaned, but left in baskets to get wrinkled for about a week). Matt got the suitcases out of storage and I found the headphones and other odds & ends. As soon as Xandra got home from school, she spied those panda bear headphones & made a beeline! She didn't take them off of her head all night long. She was having so much fun with them, I went ahead & let her bring them to the dinner table. Of course, she was so engrossed in her movie (Mulan- which she'd never seen before) that she ate about 3 bites of dinner. Oh well...  She was absolutely devastated when I told her she could not take them to bed with her.

I am really happy that Xandra's decided the headphones are cool - I imagine we'll be utilizing them a LOT on the plane!!

Speaking of the plane, we decided to do a trial-run with the Benadryl tonight to make sure she'd have the reaction we want her to (calmness/drowsiness). Believe it or not, this kid has never had Benadryl before (I've said before, I don't like medication when it's not warranted, especially with my baby girl- we had a bad situation with a previous babysitter regarding that). I only gave her 1/2 a dose tonight, and it either had no effect at all, or made her cranky - the crankiness could have also been easily linked to her upset about not taking the headphones to bed. So, I suppose we'll try again tomorrow night with a full dose. If that doesn't work, my friend Lisa suggested Melatonin....

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  1. We are getting psyched for your trip!!!! I imagine you are too:)

    Oh...take Melatonin too, just in case!!! It's all natural:)

    You're almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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