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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Friday, May 13-Sunday, May 15, 2011
Our last day in Shanghai (Friday)… We had to meet Sue at 9:00 am so we could go to the notary office on our way to the airport to pick up some last minute documents. No problems. We found out once we got to the airport, that our flight to Guangzhou was delayed an hour and a half. Ugh.
Sue left us at security, which was FINE with us! It was pretty wearing sitting in a chair for that long, just to get on a tiny plane for a couple more hours. Milo did kind of ok on the plane. Our flight was supposed to have left at 1:00 (nap time for the kids), but with the delay, we got really overly tired, cranky kids who DID NOT want anything to do with resting. Plus, we had only 2 seats that were actually together on the flight (Xandra & I), and the rest were scattered throughout. Matt held Milo on an aisle seat, where Milo's head was smashed twice with the food & drink cart. L
We arrived in Guangzhou & found our guide (who can speak English!!!!! & is not new!!!). She dropped us at the White Swan & we settled in.
Saturday morning, we met up with our guide very early to get Milo's medical exam. I am forever grateful to her for taking us so early, because less than 5 minutes after we arrived, about 30 other adoptive families filed in to wait their turn. We were the 2nd family of the day, and therefore had no wait time. J Milo "passed" with flying colors!
We have the next few days "free." Wednesday is our US Consulate appointment, which is the last step before we can head home Friday. Milo's visa will be ready late Thursday afternoon/evening. J
I am rather homesick at this point. I feel bad that I haven't been able to update the blog more often… my computer won't plug into the internet cable here, so I have to borrow Tommy's (darn Mac Air with no ports!!).
Milo is starting to fit into our family, though he's still showing us new "tricks" almost daily. When we first met him, he was more like an infant than an almost 2-year-old boy. He laid on the bed without moving, or when we sat him up, just stayed there looking at us. Understandable – he had no idea who we were & what we were going to do to him. Over the next couple days, I managed to find his tickle spots, which "brought him to life" for a few minutes at a time. His laugh is infectious:  he gets a big smile on his face, yet holds in that laugh until he "pops" with a short, loud burst of a giggle. It's unfortunately, usually a short-lived laugh, and he once again puts on the serious face that we've studied in his pictures for almost 6 months.
Xandra has had probably the worst time here in China. She tries really hard throughout the day while we're in public to be on good behavior. She's not always successful in that, but she tries. And it seems she tries so hard, that it just wears her out. So, by the time we get back to the hotel room in the afternoons, she shows her worst side. She's been having daily tantrums, usually 3-4 or more a day. I know this has been a difficult trip for her. She's not on her normal schedule (& she LIVES for schedules), plus she's starting to deal with some real jealousy over her new brother. The first day Milo was with us, it was just very new & she was so happy. It's sunk in a bit now, and I can't pay attention to Milo in any way without her trying to butt in. I understand- I knew this was coming. But mixed with the tantrums (usually caused by something we've asked her to do, or because we've told her "no"), it's just so tiring.
I really appreciate the Chinese culture, but I'm so not used to it. I was standing in line at the breakfast buffet this morning to get an omelet for the kids. Two Chinese adults just jumped right in front of me, and ordered theirs. I'd heard before we left that lines (similar to traffic regulations) were mere suggestions, but I didn't understand how much it would annoy me. Also, when we're walking on the sidewalks (which are fair game for cars to drive on), people walking toward us do not move out of our way- they seemingly attempt to play chicken with us. The heat & humidity are not helping my mood either. Sorry for all the complaining… I'm just so ready to come home. I miss everyone so much! It's hard not having contact with my friends & family whenever I want. It's definitely a learning experience.
Hopefully, I'll be able to post again before we leave. & Sorry about not having pictures… for whatever reason, my camera's memory card does not want to upload onto a computer. I promise I will fill the blog with pictures as soon as we get home!! 

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  1. Boy! What an update! Glad Milo passed his medical.
    I love Guangzhou!!! Make sure you find the Charity Shop. Also Kieren asks that you PLEASE try to bring home some washclothes for her! You just can't have too many yi-yis!!! She also says hi to X.
    I hope this week goes quickly and smoothly for you all. I know this trip is hard, but it is so worth it. Stay healthy and safe! See you soon!!!


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