True Love: The feeling when you first look in your child's eyes, the tiny little hand gripping your finger, and you can't imagine your life without him or her.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time With Papa

We spent a little time with Papa (my dad) today. I needed to drop off some papers to him, along with Milo's new carseat that he'll bring to the airport when we return China. I took Xandra with me, as she decided to catch a cold right before we leave!! So she got to stay home with us today, and was rewarded with some time with Papa. (I'm hoping & praying she'll be back to school tomorrow so I can get some last-minute things done.) 

My dad brings his dog Calie to work with him (perks of being an owner!), so Xandra had some extra fun throwing the balls for her to catch & bring back (our little Chihuahua doesn't do that- wouldn't think of it!). We all had fun & it was a good opportunity to say our goodbye's. :(

I'm working on packing and repacking right now. I packed one bag with Xandra's & Milo's clothes, toys, snacks, and gifts for the nannies & officials. I'm going to repack that- maybe take some things out to leave home. I think I'm over-thinking things... & over-packing. I hate packing. Matt always complains that I over-pack. I don't know how not to. Thankfully, we don't travel much. :) 

I haven't even started on my stuff, yet. But I don't feel too bad about that- neither has Matt. I suppose we better hurry up!!

** I'm testing out emailing to post to the blog. Although I'm not thrilled with the pictures (I like big pictures & I'm not sure how to change that via email), I believe it will work well. (no idea what's going on with the font...) 

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