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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Schedules & Routines

We tried to do it the way Matt suggested, which actually sounded good to me in the beginning. We tried to get back onto our normal routine/schedule as much as possible. Granted, we made room knowing things wouldn't come together right away. Matt & I both thought we were doing well last night, when all four of us made it to bed at 10 pm. We were sure that we were headed in the right direction... just knowing that we would all get a good night's sleep! 

The inevitable crying began at 4 am. Milo was up. We've been putting him in his crib in his own room because he moves around so much, and is so much safer there than in our bed where he could easily fall out. I wouldn't mind his sleeping with us if we went to bed at the same time as he did. That's our thought process anyway. Unfortunately, Milo doesn't really care to be alone. And he really doesn't like being "abandoned" in his own room. We've been waiting until he's already very tired (sometimes already asleep) to take him to his room. Most of the time he does wake up when we lay him down, but settles pretty quickly because he's so tired. (BTW, he's building up more of a stamina to this process & is starting to really put up a fight.) It's when he wakes up that is the worst. That's when he is fully aware that we have left him alone in that room. 

So the ear-piercing, scared-to-the-core shrieks got me up and running to his room this morning. Xandra soon followed his lead at 5 am. And someone decided that this was an acceptable time to wake for the day (I'm not sure who decided that- but I will need to have a stern discussion with them when I find them!). 

This is how we all ended up feeling some time during mid-morning:
**Note: this is not Milo! :) it's just a pic I grabbed online**

 Milo took a nap around 9:30 am-Noon. I also couldn't help myself, and fell asleep on the couch for about that long. Matt & Xandra cleaned up a bit (more Matt than Xandra), and made brunch (again, the credit will need to go to Matt here). I got Milo up (though he was not happy about that until he smelled/saw the food). As soon as brunch was over though, everyone in the family started passing out. Milo first. Then Matt. Then Xandra. Then me.

We all slept until almost 7 pm!! We had dinner around 9. And the kids played together until I finally forced them to go to bed at

Yep, I tucked my kids in at 2 am. I've given up on Matt's initial plan. The way I figure, we'll sleep when we're tired, for however long our bodies need to, and eventually nature will work itself out. The waking hours of today were not really happy ones. Everyone was cranky from sleep deprivation, and the fact that we were either woken earlier than we wanted and/or kept awake when we wanted to sleep (that would be both for the parents). A lot of whining and crying today... and not all by the kids!!

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