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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finger Paintin'

It is once again over 100 degrees today (with the heat index). I knew we were in for some hot weather today, so yesterday I prepared an indoor activity for the kids (what an incredible planner I am!!). Actually,  the real reason I planned something is because I knew Matt would be gone most of the afternoon & the kids get antsy when they're stuck inside with "nothing to do" (don't worry about the thousands of toys we've accumulated... those don't count). 

I pulled out the finger-paints, paper, a plastic tablecloth, & a few paintbrushes. Let the fun begin!

Milo thoroughly enjoyed himself, though he was a little worried about getting the paint on his skin. I think this may be the first time he's ever painted (unless they've done something at daycare that I'm not aware of). He never really finger-painted (unless you count mom forcing his hand into the paint & smearing it on the paper which resulted in looks of horror from him!). He's like his sister- they both prefer to use paintbrushes. Ugh these kids!!

Yeah- that's paint in his hair. He didn't notice he'd done that until I cleaned it off. 

This is one of my favorite shots from today! Love those toes! 

 She did this a lot while she worked- she'd stop painting, look up (usually out the window) as though looking for inspiration. My girl... she's deep.

All in all, an enjoyable 30 minutes was had by all. Then they got bored & began running laps around the kitchen & living room for a few hours, occasionally smacking into each other & the floor. Thankfully, no medical emergencies resulted! :)  Happy long weekend!

***Although I posted this Saturday, I'm totally using it for my Sunday Snapshot! Deal with it people! :)

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Those little toes are precious! I love baby feet! Looks like everyone enjoyed the painting experience. :)

  2. Sweet toes! Looks like they had lots of fun painting and they looked super cute while doing it!

  3. Ohhh so sweet! 30 minutes of creativity but memories to last a life time! Beautiful!


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