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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Day!!

In order to share our good news about Milo, I need to give a little bit of background:  Last August (2010), while we were finishing up our dossier paperwork (the huge file we had to put together for China), our agency sent us a little boy's file. We ended up turning down his file after discovering his CHD was much more complex and severe than our agency had led us to believe. We cried over that little boy. It physically hurt to turn down his file (by the way, it still hurts thinking about him & I still question our decision). But we felt it was the best decision for our family at the time.

Then at the end of October, our agency emailed us another little boy's file. We were hesitant. He was a beautiful little boy, but the file indicated both a partial arm amputation & something else. It stated he had "concrement of right kidney." We immediately knew his arm was a "non-issue" for us. But his kidney? We were scared. This was a huge life-changing decision. Yes, we knew that when we began the adoption journey, but you just don't understand the emotions involved until you go through it. Do you change this child's life, or that one's? A lot of people say they see a child's picture and just *know* that is the child meant for their family. It was a bit more complex for us. We just didn't have that gut feeling.

I tried to look the condition up online & found nothing. As I am a student in a medical college, I asked a few of my teachers if they knew what it meant. Nope. Matt & I decided to send the file on to Cinci Children's IAC (Int'l Adoption Clinic), and again, nobody knew what that meant. The doctor who reviewed the file, wrote in her report that he potentially had some type of abnormality in right kidney.

Obviously, we locked that file. But Matt & I opted to only tell a few select people about Milo's kidney, because we really had no idea what we would be dealing with when our precious boy got home. When we met Milo, and in the subsequent months, we haven't seen anything that would indicate he has anything wrong. But we wanted to be sure.

Well, I'm thrilled to say, that we finally have the results of Milo's renal ultrasound, and he is 100% completely HEALTHY!!! Since most people didn't know about this potential condition, this won't come as any big surprise- he's always acted completely "normal." :) But for us, this is huge!

***Sorry FB friends for the cryptic message about this & the long wait to get the post up! I'm having some technical difficulties with PhotoShop tonight. So... no pics. :( I'll try to get some up tomorrow...

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  1. FABULOUS news about that sweet (& sassy) Milo!!! Praise the Lord!!!

    Love 'ya,
    The Murphs


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