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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nicer Days {Sunday Snapshot}

In an effort to make myself feel better... I took the kiddos outside today. I really have been wanting to get some pics for our Christmas cards. Last week, Matt & I had a rare, but really nice breakfast date at Cracker Barrel. And I found these incredible hats. I immediately saw the Christmas cards in my head. I was so excited!! 

Milo was NOT excited.
Somehow, he just did not see my vision. (He hates hats. A lot. I'm not sure what we're going to do in a few short weeks when winter hits hard.)

So we walked down the street for a little change of scenery. Without the hats. :(
I love this pic of my girl. 
I know it looks like she's once again in a bad mood... but the very next second...
She started being a goofball :)
He was watching Xandra (out of the frame). He loves her so much. :)
So, out of necessity, I guess I'm just going to do a photo montage type card. I've got lots of material to choose from! I'm not too disappointed- I really thought some of the "flubs" were cute too. 

If you'd like to see more adorable pictures- click the link below!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Hats...never could get my little one to wear them. What a battle that was. Fortunately, we live in an area that has mild winters.

  2. beautiful shots, what a cutie!


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