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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Updating That Day (& Speech)

Sunday was probably the worst day we've had in our family of 4. Milo woke in a bad mood at 5 am & remained in a bad mood until dinner time.
It was. A. Very. Bad. Day.
A lot of screaming.
A lot of crying.
A lot of kicking.

I'm still not 100% sure exactly what was wrong with our little guy. In my heart, I think it was multiple things. I'm almost positive there was grieving in there at least part of the day (if not all). As well as being tired.
And teething.

It wasn't until tonight, while I was horsing around with both kiddos before bed, that I finally caught a glimpse inside his mouth. He's got at least one new tooth that popped through at some point. After I got that one little look-see, he clamped down & wouldn't let me look any more. I know when we got home from China, he was working on 2 teeth at once. Xandra was like that- always popping at least 2 teeth at a time. So, just guessing... but he may have gotten another one on the other side, too. I'll keep looking every chance I get.

I must say, however, that my boy has been back for the past 2 days. :) And it's been a wonderful couple of days!

We had another speech therapy meeting yesterday. Milo likes his therapist, Miss L. But yesterday, her supervisor came with her to check on his progress. So Milo decided he'd clam up for the entire hour they were here. Grrr!! I'm not exaggerating when I say, the second I closed the door behind them after they left, he started chattering away! He even yelled "BYE!!" to them through our open front window. The little stinker!!!

Needless to say, the supervisor just took our words for how Milo is progressing. And she seems pleased. Woo! She'd like us to work on putting 2-word-sentences together. Miss L did say that most kids need to have a good 50-word vocabulary they're using pretty consistently before they begin putting 2 words together. Unfortunately, Milo just isn't there quite yet. But we'll keep working!

Also, Milo's really good at imitating. He'll usually try to repeat words you ask him to say (not always well, or distinguishable, but at least he's trying). Miss L would also like us to work on getting him to use the words he does know spontaneously, without our prompting. Hmmm. So, we're supposed to "wait him out." Ask if he wants something, and wait for him to answer before getting it. In other words, try to discourage the really annoying "pointing & grunting." :)


  1. Poor little guy! Teething is a bummer! And hey--everyone's entitled to a bad day!!!

  2. Cadence constantly imitates everything we say! I feel like we are finally crossing the hurdle in speech with her! Hope Milo's mouth feels better!


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