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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Play Nice {Sunday Snapshot}

Yesterday morning (Saturday), Matt let me sleep in a little (by a little, I mean until 7:20). It had been a long night. I went out for a girls' night Friday, and when I got home at 11:30, I found Xandra happily waiting for me to get home. We all went to bed shortly after, though Milo got me up at 12:30. And up again at 1:30. 

So when I finally got up, even though I was (& am) exhausted, I decided to have fun with the kiddos. 
I pulled out the Little People. Milo loved them instantly. 

Xandra soon joined in, and they played together for most of the morning. 
Not fighting!

Then Xandra pulled out her homework (sight words), and Milo felt like he should help her learn them.
Xandra was not too thrilled that he was touching her stuff. So we moved on to coloring (we've been doing that a lot lately since it's Xandra's current favorite activity).

I think Milo's teething again. He's been a drool-monger for nearly a week. 
This is my current fav photo of my little man.
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  1. ARG - I hate when they fight...so awesoe to have them play without fighting (for a while at least, right?!) :)

  2. Oh, your kids are so cute!

    Isn't wonderful when siblings play nicely together?

    Happy Sunday.


  3. Wow! He is so cute! We are adopting a little boy from China after the first of the year. Very excited but very nervous as well. We have all girls, so it will be a new ball game for us. ;) Your pics are beautiful and they are both so precious.


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