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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Milo got up at 5:00 am today. Yep, 5 am.
I'm exhausted.
I got a text from the director of Milo's daycare around lunch time:

Apparently, we're both exhausted. :)

For those of you wondering about Tuesday's election for Matt -
Technically, he won. By 3 votes.
There were 8 people running for 4 city council seats.
The 1st 3 seats were taken pretty quickly by 3 of the incumbents, which was pretty predictable.
The last seat is very hotly contested.
The count on Tuesday night:
Matt -- 925
Doug -- 922
Bob -- 891
The county is now counting all the absentee & provisional ballots. We should hear the final results in 12 days. It could still go to anyone... I'll keep you all updated!

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