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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rainy Days Ahead

This is what I really hate about fall & winter. The nasty, rainy, cold, gray days. Blegh!

I feel the same way Milo! Yucky day!!

Xandra isn't really thrilled, either.

We're thinking about putting up the Christmas tree... if we can gather the energy to get up off our butts. Of course, that would also require us to clean up & re-arrange furniture. {sigh} I'd much rather just curl up on the couch & "veg out."

Sunday Snapshot


  1. We're having the same weather this evening! Feels like a snow day to us!!! Cute pix:)


  2. Putting up the tree sounds like a smile making idea. We are having a snowy day today and I can relate to those cute expressions.


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