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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Prep

I hope everyone out there in blogger land had a wonderful & happy Thanksgiving!! I unfortunately did not get even one picture of our holiday. Our day was a little rocky, and I ended up forgetting my camera. Although I'm upset I didn't get any shots of our boy's first Thanksgiving, he did have a good time! Lots of food & sweets - he was in heaven!! 

We took advantage of the incredible {crazy} weather we're experiencing (upper 60's??!! Awesome!!), and put up the Christmas lights!

"I'll help, Dad!"
"I GOT this! I'll untangle these & test each light, ok?"
Matt called upon his inner Clark Griswald, and set up the lights! Pretty impressive - especially since I'm usually the one to do it. But I let him take the lead this year, and I'm thinking I'll go ahead & hand those reins over for good! ;)

I *love* this expression! He was looking at the highlight of our Christmas decor (see below) & was in awe! (Matt was so happy!)
The "Snow Globe of Glory" - Matt's pride & joy :)

I'm not the best at taking pictures at night. There are some tricks I'm still trying to learn with the camera... But you get the idea! We've got the Christmas tree up, but it's not decorated yet. We're going to try to finish that up tomorrow. 
If you haven't checked lately- head over to the "Advocating-Diana" page (up there on the upper right column!). I received some absolutely incredible news about her the day before Thanksgiving!!! :)

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