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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Blitz

Here in Ohio... we're experiencing some interesting weather. A couple days ago, I wore a short-sleeve shirt out & about running errands. {Say what???} 

Today was a bit colder (around 40'ish), but absolutely beautiful! And, as Milo had quite a bit of energy (don't know where it came from - he didn't take a nap!), I took both kiddos outside to run some off.

I wish I could remember what was cracking him up so much... 
It was probably Xandra. :-)

I LOVE stripes (but can't seem to pull them off in my own wardrobe), so I force the kids to wear as much striped clothing as possible. I'm mean like that. Oh, and polka dots, too (for Xandra).

Xandra is beginning to come down with some sinus-y something or other. Matt's got a sinus-y thing - he's been the only sick one for the last few days, so I knew it was coming to all of us sooner or later.

So, Xandra has been a little bit emotional the last couple days.

She's also kinda bossy (especially to the easiest target- her brother)

He doesn't really appreciate her bossiness

"Mama!! She's taking my toy!!"

"Don't you see her?? She's being mean to me!"

"Ok. So you just keep taking pictures while Xandra continues with this injustice!!"

Not to worry - I wasn't being a totally mean mom. We've put all of our outdoor toys in storage, except one: the cozy coupe. Seeing as it was the only toy, the kiddos immediately started fighting over it. I tried to set up the taking turns thing... but Milo was not pleased with that idea at all!! 

On another note, I was recording a couple videos today while the kiddos were pretending to sleep on the couch (they were both "snoring like dada"). At the tale end of this video, it sounds to me like Milo says "I love Dada." 
Which, of course, is awesome!! 
Cause that means he's stringing words together!! 
Like in short sentences!! 
So what do you all think??

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  1. Those two close-ups of your little girl's face are stunning! Great pics: )

  2. Great photos! Your kiddos are beautiful.


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