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Friday, December 23, 2011

Painting Pottery

A friend of ours mentioned that she was planning on taking her son to the pottery painting store near us. She was really excited because she'd never been there before, and was looking forward to "getting her craft on!" I told her that I had taken Xandra there a few times before, and we both loved it. So, she invited us to go with her. Woo!

This was Milo's 1st experience with painting pottery. So, it would be totally appropriate that on this particular day, that I was really excited about, Milo actually decided he'd take a real nap. GAH!!! In order to get to the store before they closed & have time to paint, I had to wake him up from a dead sleep. He wasn't really thrilled with me. And he was kind of "out of it" for at least half the time we were there. 

Oh well. He still had fun.

"What exactly am I supposed to be doing here?"
Finally getting the hang of it.
Here's my professional crafter at work.

Our friend Deidra & her son Devon (the 1st-timers!)
Take a wild guess which football team Devon roots for!!

Xandra chose the octopus statuette & an ornament. I chose 2 small ornaments for Milo. (I didn't paint anything that day, cause I was too busy taking pictures)

Once he was done with painting, Milo signed that he was thirsty. He ended up drinking 5 cups of water!! We barely made it home in time to change *that* diaper!!! 

Anyway, after he was finally done with the water, he started playing with his cup
*There on his chin, you'll notice the remnants of his tumble down the stairs from last week*
"Look at my cup!!"
"Hmmm... I wonder what it would look like with blue paint on it..."
We get to pick up our pieces after Christmas. I'll have to post pictures of the finished products then.

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  1. Your kids are SO beautiful...and your pics make them even more so. Merry Christmas!


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