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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Program & Party {Sunday Snapshot}

This past Thursday, Milo's daycare held their annual Christmas program. All the kids practice singing Christmas carols & put on a small performance for their families & friends. Xandra participated last year, and was not at all happy that she couldn't participate this year. She tried her darndest to sneak up onto stage with some of her friends. Multiple times. 

She made it up to the top step before she got caught once again!
But this was Milo's night.

This was the first time we really got little man all dressed up. Isn't he adorable in his little sweater vest?
(Matt hates sweater vests!)
He just cracks me up with his stance. 

Rolling around on the floor when he got bored trying to sit still for others' songs.
Yes, we know this boy is in desperate need of a haircut.
But his hair is sooo soft & I just love running my hands though it!!  :)
He did really well, all things considered. He got up on stage with his teachers & friends. There were so many other kids who got up there, and came back down crying. Not our boy. He stayed up there the whole time! No stage fright for him! 

Xandra was a little upset with him because he wasn't signing. I had to explain to her that Milo is still learning to talk, so we didn't expect him to sing. :) But he did enjoy ringing the bell they gave him. I have a bunch of pictures of him & his class on stage, but there are so many other kids in the shot & I don't want to mess with anyone's privacy. So we'll just keep those to ourselves. 

And yesterday, we got to celebrate Christmas with our local FCC (Families with Children from China). I love our group so much!! Xandra & I have been going to the FCC playgroup for about a year & a half. So this is our 2nd Christmas party with them, though Matt didn't come with X & me last year. This was Matt's & Milo's first time. We all had such a good time!!

Our friends kiddos (Cullen & Keiran).
We were supposed to have a visit from Santa, but he unfortunately got very sick. Since we wanted to make sure he would be well enough for next weekend's BIG visit, we got the oldest kid of the bunch (Cullen) to be our elf! :)

The kiddos helped decorate a Christmas tree (1 of 5 in our lovely host's house)

And then the kiddos tore into the presents!! The kiddos were all very spoiled!! We came home with superhero capes, games, stuffed animals, dolls, & the hit of the day with everyone- marshmallow guns!! The kiddos got the hang of how to use them, and then began having "planning sessions" in a bedroom. Then they would all come stealthily out of the room & try to attack the adults!! They had so much fun! 
*Matt frequently was part of the whole thing- as much a kid as the others! I believe he will be confiscating Milo's gun (since he doesn't quite understand it yet), and having a blast with it. :)

Our days have been busy as usual- Matt & I have thankfully finished our shopping. We I just need to wrap everything up & get it ready for the big day. 

Xandra is now off school for Christmas break. And Milo will be as of this Thursday. 

It's always crazy with the kiddos home, but I'm hoping to be able to get a bunch more pics while I have so much time with them! I was able to rent a new camera lens, so I can decide if it's something I'd like to buy. I'm having lots of fun with it, but also realizing there's a learning curve to it. So, a lot of my pics are a little blurry :(  Hopefully, I'll be ready for Christmas morning... 

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Sunday Snapshot

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  1. Love your sweet photos of a beautiful family. He looks so cute in his red Christmas sweater. I always love dressing up my kiddos in Christmasy attire...I now only have 1 that will let me "dress" her...lol


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