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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Matt is Official

Last night, the kiddos & I attended Matt's swearing in to our city council. :)
We are all so proud of him!! (ok- I'm super proud of him. the kiddos had no idea why I dragged them to a boring meeting & forced them bribed them to be on good behavior).

Can you see the unabashed enthusiasm radiating from this child??
Matt sure cleans up nice!!
He's getting all his papers in order before they called him up.

Our council meets in our city's courthouse (which also doubles as our main city building), so there's lots of fun things to see & try to touch for Milo. 
Like the metal detector you walk through to get into the room (it was off at that time of evening), 
or the doors to the public restrooms, 
or the really awesome button for those in wheelchairs to open the doors to the outside, 
& most especially the computer that was on & conveniently located just at Milo height. 
So many, many things for a 2-year-old boy to do!!

But I think his favorite thing of all....
(if you look close, you can totally see the huge smile he has as he runs out yet again)
We were there for maybe 30-45 minutes. And I believe Milo escaped out the door & down the hallway a total of 5,673 times. It was loads of fun & had us all in hysterics.
Maybe that's a little bit overly stated. 
But probably not.

So, most of our time was spent waiting for the approximately 2 minute oath-taking.
I'm so glad I brought my camera to capture every second of it. 
Xandra is so totally proud of her daddy. 
Finally, finally, it was time.

I did get a lot more pictures of Matt. But, of course, Matt is a blinker (i.e. there were at least 6 pictures mid-blink). And some were hard to crop so just Matt was in it. And I believe this is the only one where he was actually smiling. So, here it is, in all its "photo-shopped to try to get rid of the fluorescent-tone & cropped in way too close for a picture taken from way too far back"glory. 

It is official.
Matt is now on the city council (to begin in January).
I'm so proud of you babe!! You worked so hard for this! Love you!!


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