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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Need Sleep {Sunday Snapshot}

The pics have not a thing to do with the post below. But the kiddos played outside today. And I took advantage of it! :)


So.. does it look better in color? Or in B&W? I just can't decide!! I want to get it printed up (maybe canvas?).. Which one do you think?

Milo was excited to be playing outside again.
Oh- and he found a long piece of that ornamental grass to carry around like a sword. :)

It was starting to get dark. I wish this one had come out clearer cause I LOVE the expression!!

It's been a tiring day. It's been a tiring month. Milo has decided that sleep is unnecessary for a 2-year-old. He goes to bed every night as usual. But he wakes just about every single night around 3 or 4 am. Like... he thinks he's up for the day. And he's also decided that those consistent 2-hour or longer naps are worthless. Nowadays, it's 45 minutes, if we're lucky. 

Unfortunately, that has caused the rest of us to become rather sleep-deprived. 

Ahhh... Sleep Deprivation. It will do some strange things to a person. 

Maybe it only affects us parents. Cause the kids seem to be doing ok. 

Well, aside from the crankiness. And their constant fighting.

Wait... that perfectly describes us parents, too. 

The pediatrician says to just be consistent. I find this really amusing. Consistency is our entire life right now. We've been consistent with schedules & routines since Xandra was a baby. & Ultra-Consistent since Milo came home. 

This too shall pass... right? 

Cause we need sleep around here. 

Sunday Snapshot


  1. wonderful pictures! lovely kids...


  2. You've got some MAD photography skills there! I love it! Your kiddos are gorgeous!

  3. Take a family nap today!!! Love the pictures. Two very beautiful and photogenic babes:)

  4. Sorry about the sleep deprivation but I love these photos. So pretty!!!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful!!! Such lovely children!
    Lack of sleep is terrible. As much as I hate to admit it, bribery worked for our son when he was two. I just couldn't function anymore, so I found something he liked (something simple like stickers, money for his piggy bank, etc.) and bribed him that if he stayed in bed all night and did not wake mama, he would get a prize in the morning. It worked wonderfully!!!

  6. I've got one of those kiddos that never considered sleeping too much of a necessity. She gave up naps at 2 1/2--much to the chagrin of the day care...and me on the weekends! She's up at the crack of dawn...or before. I finally taught her the number 7 and told her that she could not get out of bed or call for me until there was a 7 as the first number on the clock. To this day (and she is 8 now), she still follows that rule on the weekends.

    Beautiful pictures. I like the first one in color--such pretty pink lips and natural highlights in her hair!

  7. The pictures are beautiful! Way better than I could do on sleep deprivation! (And I hope it gets better soon! I know how awful it is!)


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