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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Day Before..

.. the kiddos head back to school. 
{Can you hear the maniacal laughing?? No? Maybe that's just in my head.}
Don't get me wrong. I adore my kiddos. I love our family time. 
But 2 weeks straight...
I gotta say- all of you home-schooling mamas out there definitely have something on me!! I don't know how you do it. I admire the heck out of you!! But I'm well aware I could never do it.

So, our New Year's Day was very low-key (just like our Christmas!). For the first time since Xandra was born, I decided it was ok to let her (& the little man) stay up late. 
Yep. I was the classic first-time mama, who vows to stick to the rules & schedules. No. Matter. What.
The next kid comes along.
I would have *never* let Xandra use the iPad when she was 2!

Poor Xandra's gonna hate me as she gets older. She's got the tough-first-born road to walk (just like I did). 

Back to our day... (I get side-tracked easily)
Milo didn't last long. He made it until almost 8:00 (normal bedtime is 7:30).
Xandra made it until 10:30. And she was not a happy-camper. Very cranky.
I went to our bedroom around 11:45 & watched the ball drop. (Matt fell asleep on the couch & I didn't bother him.)
Then I tossed & turned, ended up flipping the tv back on for a while, tossed & turned more... the last time I looked at the clock it was 2:30.
I didn't hear him, but apparently Milo woke up at 3:00. Thankfully, Matt took care of him. :)
I did hear Xandra, though. At 4:30. Moaning & groaning about her leg hurting. I think she's having growing pains. I calmed her down & went back to bed until almost 7:00.

Even after we all "woke" for the day (I say that loosely), it was just a blah day. Milo had way too much energy for not sleeping a whole lot. Xandra was emotional & cranky. Matt & I were just plain tired. 
We did put the kids down for regular naps, but even that got messed up.
Milo slept ok, but restless.
Xandra laid down, but never slept. We could hear her playing around in her room.

And then, around 5:30...

Really kids?? Really? 
You're gonna try to *nap* at 5:30?
On a school night???
I left them alone for about 30'ish minutes. Then I made a lot of noise & woke them up. 
I didn't take any pleasure in doing that. {yeah, right!!} 

Overall, it was a good day, considering. But I was kind of happy when it was bedtime. Because I was really tired!

Here are a couple more pics I got of my munchkins yesterday.

/\ The kids telling me something (probably to stop taking their pictures) \/

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