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Monday, January 16, 2012

What's He Thinking? & Play-Doh {Sunday Snapshot}

I've had a few starts to posts for a while. Since I'm swamped with homework right now, I figured you all wouldn't mind if I just throw a couple of them together & call it done. Sorry they don't really "go" together. 

I was once again scouring my favorite adoption blogs (anyone who knows me, knows this is totally normal, almost nightly behavior for me).
I found this awesome blog {My Overthinking}. 
Instantly loved it! 
Cause she's funny. 
One of her recent posts had me laughing & I had to share it with Matt. 
He chuckled, too, so 
I created something similar totally ripped it off.
Below is what I think might be going through Milo's head.. 

(This is in the span of about 30 seconds)

1. Hi, Mama, Hi
2. I want the iPad?
3. iPod?
4. Iphone?
5. I want what Sister has

6. Sister won't give it to me
7. I'll just take it
8. Why is Sister making all that noise?
9. Ok, I'll give it back 
10. What you doing?
11. What can I do to be a part of what you doing?
12. What can I do to make it harder to do what you doing?
13. Hold me
14. Hi, Mama, Hi
15. Put me down
16. What would happen if I did this?
17. Will I get in trouble for this?
18. Oops.
19. Sorry, Mama, Sorry
20. What’s that?
21. I want that. 
22. I will get it myself.
23. I don’t want help.
24. HELP
25. Tank you
26. Hi, Mama, Hi
27. HOLD ME!
28. I want the iPad

29. iPod?
30. Iphone? 
31. NOW
32. Put me down
33. I don’t want these clothes on
34. Much better
35. Need a snack
36. Need a snack
37. Need a snack
39. Fruit snacks!
40. Yay!
41. I’m cold
42. These ARE my shoes
43. I will only wear these shoes
44. Oh no! My shoes keep falling off!
45. Almost fall down!
46. No shoes
47. Hmmmm…..
48. What’s that?
49. I’m going to dump this out
51. Mine
53. Okay, here. I’ll share.
54. Want a big boy cup
55. NO! Not sippy cup!
56. Sister has big girl cup
57. Fine I'll take sippy cup 
58. Tank you Mama
59. I wanna go upstairs

60. No Mama- you not come with me
61. But I want to play with Sister's toothbrush in the toilet
62. Fine, you come Mama
63. Hold me
64. Don't hold me
65. I love you, Mama

A few days ago, I pulled the Play-Doh out & the kiddos had a blast! It's not easy to keep Milo's attention on anything very long (except the iPad), so he came & went a few times. We had a little bit of a power struggle when he tried to take the Play-Doh with him into the carpeted Family room... 

Admit it! You like the smell of Play-Doh too!!

Xandra, of course, stuck with her "project" for over an hour. I love seeing her be able to concentrate that much! Especially on crafty projects. She's just like me (in more ways than I'd care to admit). Love these 2!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
Check out more pictures on the link below!

Sunday Snapshot

1 comment:

  1. 1. I'm one of her favorite adoption blogs!
    2. Awww...she thinks I'm funny!
    3. **blush**
    4. I'm not the only one with a crazy child
    5. (sigh of relief)
    6. Oh man, her pictures are great
    7. Man, my pictures are so not great
    8. I really should take better pictures
    9. Oh my kids are growing up, and my hard drive is full of mediocre pictures
    10. I'm so not on the ball
    11. But, she likes my blog anyway
    12. (smile)


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