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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grains of Rice {Sunday Snapshot}

We had a bit of a winter storm hit us Friday night. Not much snow. But we got at least 2 good layers of ice overnight. And frigid temperatures. I would have loved to sent the kiddos out to play... but I'm not that mean! 
So... how to keep them occupied? 
I attempted the usual iPod & iPad in the morning.
After breaking up a couple fights, and calming some tantrums, the electronics disappeared.
(except mine - these are the perks of being the mom! I remember my mom telling me I could write the rules when I had kids of my own... & I did!!)
I headed over to Pinterest to see what fun I could find.

I have rice in my cupboard!
Hey! That means it's virtually free!
Pots. Pans. Cups. Spoons. Whisks.
Check, check, check, check, check!!
"Hey kids!! Wanna come play at the table?"

I poured all the rice into a leftover sugar container-
LOVE that container!

A good cook always smells the utensils prior to using them
(honestly, the girl smells everything! not sure why)

Milo decided to see what uncooked rice tastes like...
not so great appaently.

In case anyone was curious- this is how Milo carries multiple (often large & heavy) items around.
This is how we see him a lot of the time. 
They spent almost 2 full hours (that's non-stop people!) playing with the rice. They probably would have played longer, but I called it quits when little hands began throwing it. 

Matt ventured out to the store later in the afternoon & picked us up a bag of dry beans (that's not all he picked up- I'd have been pretty ticked if he made that trip for one item!). The kiddos played with that too, but declared the rice more fun. I'm thinking as long as we have it on-hand, we may just end up mixing them together.

Have I mentioned how much I ADORE Pinterest?? Because it's the BOMB!! 
(It has unfortunately also assisted me in gaining almost 10 pounds, though. Boo! I need to learn that moderation lesson...)

Sunday Snapshot


  1. I might need to steal your idea.... they look so entertained......and super cute!!!

    We have been through many coloring books, puzzles, legos, games, etc. We are running out of things to do. I was almost ready to pull out the kitchenaid again and let them "pretend bake". Maybe I will try this instead.

    Enjoy your Sunday



  2. I think I pinned this idea on Pinterest but totally forgot about it...thanks for the reminder!

  3. This looks like so much fun. My little girls would love it.

  4. I have to ask...did you have a big vacuum job later??? Sorry, that's how my mind works. I love that you got a shot of her smelling the whisk! Love kids and their quirks. :)

  5. Ian still loves playing with rice! When he was smaller (and I worried about what he put in his mouth) I would give him a scoop of flour. He would sit in his high chair with a bowl and a couple of spoons while I fixed dinner. Then all I had to do was sweep! You might also try shaving cream. It is non-toxic and the texture is great for them!


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